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Top Spanish Language Software Reviewed

Welcome to LearnerSpanish.com - Below you will find my reviews of the 3 top online Spanish language software products. The top Spanish software is Rocket Spanish as Mauricio (Rocket Spanish creator) use the most effective, diverse learning techniques to make learning fun. Coming in at number two is Learn Spanish Like Crazy, as although it doesn't include everything that Rocket Spanish does, the audio lessons are an extremely valuable learning tool.

Each of the Spanish language software sites below have their own advantages and unique learning styles. We wish you all the best for finding the right Spanish software for your needs.

Rocket Spanish - by Mauricio Evlampeiff

Rocket Spanish is by far the ultimate online Spanish language software available, no questions! They combine professional audio/video instruction with written notes, interactive exercises, and fun learning games to ensure you retain as much information as possible.

As far as Spanish online software goes, Rocket Spanish is the clear industry leader. The information is clear to read and understand. It's simple to stay motivated with the vast range of learning techniques such as audio, video, interactive software and the Rocket Spanish Forum.

Learn Spanish Like Crazy - by Patrick Jackson

With over 1000 minutes of native Latin American audio, Learn Spanish Like Crazy is a good option if you are interested in Spanish correspondence courses. You will learn by listening to natural Spanish language speakers, and replicating what you hear. With this package you will learn the every day language you will need when walking through the streets of Spanish speaking countries.

This is a valuable course, although it is best used as an audio supplement to the above course or your Spanish language classes.

Shortcuts to Spanish - by Marcus Santamaria

Shortcuts to Spanish' is good for learning Spanish in a hurry. You'll learn basic Spanish rules such as how to change english words that you use alot into Spanish words by simply changing 1-3 letters. This course is nowhere near as comprehensive as our top Spanish language software, but it is a good resource to enable you to communicate in Spanish in a hurry.

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