Spanish Family And Children

As Pedro and Tito keep learning more about each other, similar to how you will learn more about anyone with whom you talk to in Spanish, the conversation might evolve into talking about children or other family members.

Let's take a look at how the conversation between Pedro and Tito might unwind:

Pedro:¿Tito, tienes ninos?
(Tito, do you have children [informal]?)
Tito:Si, tengo un nino. ¿Y tu?
(Yes, I have one boy. And, you?)
Pedro:Si, tengo dos ninas y cuatro ninos.
(Yes, I have two girls and four boys.)
Tito:Felicidades. ¿Como se llaman tus ninos?
(Great! What are their names?)
Pedro: Maria, Vella, Pedro, Jesus, Jose, y Roberto