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Top Spanish Courses Compared

Hello and Welcome To LearnerSpanish.com - Did you know that the majority of popular Spanish language courses are actually hugely ineffective. Most courses contain good information, but lack the essential structure and direction. To be truly effective, a Spanish course must contain a variety of learning techniques, naturally progress from basic to advanced aspects of the Spanish language, and make learning enjoyable. My number one course is Rocket Spanish as the information is comprehensive, clearly laid out, and it uses a mix of interactive written and audio lessons, games and a powerful bonus package. Coming in at number two is Learn Spanish Like Crazy, as although it doesn't include everything that Rocket Spanish does, the audio lessons are an extremely valuable learning tool.

I wish you all the best for your journey to learning the Spanish language.

Spanish Course Number One - Rocket Spanish

Of all the online Spanish courses available, Rocket Spanish stands out as the absolute winner! This course combines step-by-step written instruction with accompanying exercises, audio lessons and sample tracks, software games, flash cards and numerous other learning and memory tools. This is a very extensive package. The diverse learning techniques make learning easy, and remembering what you learned is covered by the numerous memory features throughout the course.

The written lessons alone in this course are more valuable than the entire Spanish courses that some competitors are selling for up to 3 times the price. I highly recommend Rocket Spanish as the ultimate Spanish course.

Spanish Course Number Two - Learn Spanish Like Crazy

While I don't recommend this package as a complete learn Spanish course, it is a good option if you're looking for a solely audio resource, or to expand your Spanish vocabulary. The 48 disc set covers a range of Latin-American Spanish lessons and audio samples, focused on teaching you the everyday language that you'll hear and need to communicate when overseas.

My first impression is that the CD's are rather un-organized, you don't get the step-by-step system of Rocket Spanish. None-the-less, the lessons and example audio are very useful to supplement other Spanish courses, to further build your Spanish language skills, and expand your Spanish vocabulary.

Spanish Course Number Three - Shortcuts To Spanish

Shortcuts to Spanish is good for learning Spanish in a hurry. You'll learn the basics of communicating in Spanish, such as how to convert common English words into Spanish through simple language rules. This course isn't as in depth as the Spanish courses above, however it is still miles ahead of many of the other language courses found elsewhere, good if you have an unexpected trip to a Spanish speaking destination.

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