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More Conversational Spanish

Talking about where you come from or asking someone else about where they come from is an engaging way to get someone to keep talking to you. It shows that you are interested in them, even if you are wanting to practice your spoken Spanish. In most cases, Spanish people, or Hispanics, will love to talk to you about their roots and/or where they come from. Someone might be from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina, or anywhere. It will not only help you in breaking the ice, but as your Spanish gets better, you can learn a whole lot about a different part of the world. And, perhaps one day, you can venture there to be immersed in the language and culture.

Let's continue the coversation between Pedro and Tito. We'll keep it in the formal sense.

Tito:¿De donde es usted?
(Where are you from?)
Pedro:Soy de Peru. ¿Y usted?
(I am from Peru. And, you?)
Tito:Soy de Ecuador.
(I am from Ecuador.)

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