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Learn Spanish: Significant Relationships

Modern Hispanic culture is much more western in its acceptance of someone who is a partner and who may or may not be bound for marriage. In years past, no one really 'dated" or had a 'girlfriend" or 'boyfriend" like they do today. You usually spent time with someone and kept it quite until you announced your plans for marriage.

Now, let"s see Pedro and Tito discussing this type of relationship.

Tito:¿Tienes tu una novia?
(Do you have a girlfriend?)
Pedro:Si, tengo. Hemos estado saliendo * por un ano.
(Yes, I do. We have been going out/dating for one year.)
Tito:Muy bien.
(Very good/nice.)

*This is literally translated and is a complex verb combination. Do not worry about trying to understand it all now.

Hemos = We have + estado = been + saliendo = going out (-endo = ing)

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