Irregular Verbs in Spanish

Other verbs that are very common in Spanish might have slightly different endings, or gerunds. The importance is to get the sound correct when talking. After using these only a few times, you"ll start hearing other Spanish speakers using the irregular verbs. They will begin to sound 'regular".

Notice how the verb stem changes from 'e' to 'i' and 'o' to 'u'.

Verb:Progressive Form:Meaning:
Decirdiciendosaying or telling


Turn the following English phrases into Spanish ones using the present progressive. A couple of words might require taking a look into a dictionary.

  1. I am writing a letter.
  2. He is coming to the house.
  3. We are going to the United States.
  4. She is talking.
  5. You [formal] are telling a story.
  6. You [infomral] are reading a book.


  1. ****Estoy escribiendo una carta.

  2. ****El esta viniendo a la casa.

  3. ****Estamos yendo a los Estados Unidos.

  4. ****Ella esta hablando.

  5. ****Ud. esta diciendo una historia.

    Tu estas leyendo un libro.